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How we work.

TimeVizion is an importer of authentic and luxury watch brands, we primarily import our watches from the USA on a "order placed basis" , meaning we do not keep stock of these items. We also import these products from suppliers around the globe who has failed to move the target inventory within a specified timeframe.  Some of the items listed on our website are sourced from other dealers around the globe that do not ship these items to South Africa. With registered addresses around the world in almost any Major country, and a 3rd party partnership, we are able to source almost anything you need, but cannot find it here in RSA.

Our partners in the USA, are based in Oregon, and in Oregon you do not pay any sales tax, thus we are ale to offer these items to you and prices that are fair, affordable and not inflated. 

All our shipments include insurance, so you can rest assured that the items are covered in the event of loss or damage. 

These are some of the countries in which we have registered 3rd party processing facilities. 

With these partnerships, we can source any watch, from anywhere, and you get the same authentic, branded, 100% original watch, with a warranty similar to that of the manufacturer, for a much better price. 
If you would like to understand our warranties, please click HERE!
Shipping and how it works. 
We use 2 Fulfillment services that has led to a very efficient and structured logistics process flow, that ultimately result in fewer delays, cover on loss or damaged goods in transit and an overall customer service that is transparent and attractive. 
Our shipments would include standard free shipping.
  1. Our Standard Free shipping is free and will always be FREE. The Delivery time for free shipping is no longer than 15 Days, this is broken down as follows. 

* Order Placed and processed, order confirmation sent to you and payment is now pending review (2 Days) 

* Order is placed from the supplier and shipped to our processing facility (3 Days) 

* Our fulfillment partner then removes the contents from the package for inspection and to take photos, these photos are sent to us to confirm the contents of the package, to avoid any Surprises. (These photos are not Available to you) 

* Once confirmed, the item is repacked and sent on its way to Johannesburg Airport OR Thambo.

* The shipping provider in this case is DHL, and the shipment would take 4 days for arrival in Johannesburg.  

* The package then needs to clear Customs, and any import duties and taxes need to be paid. (These duties are paid for you and cleared from customs. (You will not be charged extra.) The price you pay at checkout, is the landed cost and only includes the listed price and shipping (depending on the shipment method chosen. We have no control over the time it takes for a package to clear from customs. Items can be held up for up to 1 week, but it is a rare occurrence. 

We will provide you with tracking reference numbers every step of the way and parcels can be tracked by clicking the applicable link at the bottom of every page on this website. 

Returns & Refunds

We also offer free 15 day returns and 100% cash back if you are not satisfied with the product. If you wish to send the product back after 15 days of receipt, you will be charged for the courier and handling fees. 

A 20% handling fee is applicable to the value of the purchase. 

All courier costs will be accounted for and deducted from the total value of the product. The difference will then be refunded. 

We will not be processing any returns after the first 60 days of purchase.

Free Gifts

Your package might include a free gift,or the free gift might come much later than the original parcel, these gifts cannot be returned or any reimbursements claimed for. 

For any further information, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the applicable link that you are looking for. 


Thank you for taking the time to review how we work, and happy shopping. 

Founder of TimeVizion.com 

Henk Coetzee 






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